Let us take you back to an era where the art and artist never dies. A place where every element from the Food, Cocktails and Music are drench in an artisanal approach. Sicilians build like they will live forever and eat like they will die tomorrow.

Within the walls of La Sicilia, the fourth in the stunning collection that is LYD Bali Group, the up most care has been taken to capture the feeling of the bygone era; where gentlemen were gentlemen, where family of most importance and where the food was the driving force to bring people together.

With walls covered in history, each piece has feeling and meaning which fills the room with the deep emotions that the artisans felt when creating a work of art: it comes straight from the heart.

With a menu crafted on a foundation based in the mediterranean region where honest and big flavours are full of passion and love, this menu inspires the innate human desire to bring people together to share a meal, whether it be with a lover, a friend or the family.

Finally, the passion and care is transferred to the mixology bar where the creation of a range of tonics and bitters from the original herbs and botanicals has inspired a cocktail menu that is nothing short of spectacular.

In short, La Sicilia is reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance - a time where life was full of passion and love.

“Step off the busy streets of Seminyak into the jaw-dropping old world charm, softly lit interior and a distinct feeling that almost anything could happen.” Honeycombers